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What Old Story that's not serving you are you telling yourself every day? - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

What Old Story that’s not serving you are you telling yourself every day?

Posted by Pat Thorpe | September 5, 2013 | Blog

What Old Story that’s not serving you are you telling yourself every day?

Do you have a simple story in your mind that is running your whole life?

I give freedom coaching sessions that are guided by Divine Grace and in those sessions we allow old stagnant energy and feelings to release and move by feeling them.

I recently worked with a woman who had had severe boughts of illness all of her life, as well as having relationship issues and money problems.

My client came to me with the readiness to allow Divine Grace and coaching to help her move into a life worth living.

After our 2nd session she quickly released a man from her life who was emotionally abusive.  Her energy apparently shifted because that night, the Universe set up a scenario for him to be totally released from her life and her home.  I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming blog.

The point of this article is what happened after our 3rd session.  Here is what she wrote:

“these past 13 years, there was a sense of something wrong, yet could not find the answer…. others would ask what was wrong and I never could answer.  Today I feel the answer has come. For whatever reason, and that’s not important – what was wrong was that mind was telling me over and over that something was wrong with me – and that was what was wrong, my mind repeating SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU – evoking all sorts of crazy responses and actions.

I now know that there was nothing actually wrong with ME, only the mind continually repeating the words, telling me something was wrong.  A light went off in my brain with the awareness – THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, ONLY A STORY REPEATING THAT.

It feels like a freedom gained, it feels like big awareness to be celebrated!!!  With that, the repeating words went POOF!  There is nothing wrong with me at all.”

So what story do you tell yourself every day that’s not serving you?  Most likely it’s like a recording that’s on continuous play.  It’s probably associated with a negative feeling, like depression, or a tightness in your gut, your heart or throat or it could be an illness in your body.

You can release that story through coaching or you can just start to tell a new story.  It all starts with awareness of what is happening now.  Start manifesting what you want by focusing on a new story and bring your life into peace and joy right now!


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