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Can you manifest as easily as this man did? - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Can you manifest as easily as this man did?

Posted by Pat Thorpe | August 27, 2013 | Blog

Does manifesting really have to be hard and take a lot of time and focus?  Well, think again.  See how my friend attracted the job, climate and life of his dreams with ease.

Many of you may know that I love to play and watch tennis.  Well, my friend, Larry, who was also my tennis teacher, reminded me of how easily and quickly his dream happened for him a couple of years ago.

Larry was an assistant Tennis Pro in Colorado, teaching many people like myself and running the children’s tennis program.  He wasn’t unhappy with his life, but he wasn’t thrilled either.  One day while driving to work in the snow he thought “I’d like to live somewhere where there wasn’t snow and I didn’t have to drive to work in it”.

Shortly after that he was inspired to look at a tennis pro site on-line.  There was a new job listed as Director of Tennis at a brand new facility built by the city of Riverside, California.  He submitted a resume and was called out to California for an interview shortly thereafter.  Upon returning home he received a call, offering him the job.  He spent the next week negotiating a contract and the very next week he flew out to California to take the new job!  He rented an apartment while his wife remained in Colorado to spend time getting the house fixed up so that they could sell it.

From the time that Larry thought “I’m tired of snow and wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere else” to him living and working in a great job in California was a grand total of 3 1/2 weeks!

When he began the job, there were no members and no staff – only a facility.  He quickly brought in members and staff and in no time it became a very successful tennis club.

Next – the house.  After his wife spent time and money getting the house tuned up she put it on the market.  It sold (in a very bad economy) in TEN DAYS!!!

Next, they easily found a nice to live in near the tennis facility.

His wife couldn’t find work right away.  But after relaxing about it she found a job giving wonderful, specialty chocolate parties (a la Tupperware) for Dove Chocolates and is having a ball.

When Larry last came to visit Colorado he couldn’t resist retellling the story – how easy and fast it all happened.  He looked better and happier than I’ve ever seen him!  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Sooooo, the next time you want to change something in your life think of Larry.  Remember it all happened with a single thought.  It actually started with a negative thought – I don’t want snow.  Then it became what he wanted  – to work and live in a nice climate.  Then he took inspired action – remember that the Universe likes speed.  He looked on-line and immediately submitted a resume.  He interviewed, negotiated a contract and moved there without a home and took action to create a nice place for others to play tennis.  He now has a great job where he has fun, a great house and he and his wife are both happy with their new jobs.

So, let it be easy.  Say more things like “Wouldn’t it be nice if . . . .?”  Watch for the signs, take inspired action and most of all – have fun along the way.  Let yourself be guided by your Large Self instead of working so hard at it.

Happy Manifesting!!!

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