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Change your perspective, or at least your story and change your situation and your life! - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Change your perspective, or at least your story and change your situation and your life!

Posted by Pat Thorpe | August 27, 2013 | Blog

Sometimes we get too deeply entrenched in our “reality”, which is really how we perceive things – that we feel stuck there and we can’t see a way out.  That’s why there are coaches – to allow you to see things differently,  help you release resistance and raise your vibration so that you can manifest what you desire.

The story that we tell ourselves and others over and over keeps us locked in what we don’t want because we tell it so frequently that our vibration seems locked there.  If we just looked at things a tad differently everything would change with ease.

Two things happened to me last Monday to illustrate this point.  I’m a tennis player and play a couple of times a week.  We had to take a different route to a different entrance to the courts because workman were making repairs in a hallway next to the courts.  When we walked into the courts from the outside I immediately went to Court 6 (we play on Court 7) because that seemed the right place.  Someone walked up to me and said “I know you’re probably confused but this is Court 6″ and pointed out Court 7.  We had entered the courts from the northeast instead of the southwest.

I was truly amazed at how different everything felt!  I had never liked playing on this court because it felt dark and too close to an outside wall.  All of that feeling was gone now.  It was like replacing a habit.  It felt really good and I was totally able to let go of the “old reality” and embrace the new one.  I intend to remember this new feeling and focus from there next time I play on this court.  I want it to always feel that good!  This new perception really did the trick!

I said there was a second thing.  I’ve always been a big procrastinator with a fear associated with moving forward on things that need to be done.  Well, I received an email from someone who said that we should look at each thing that comes in to be done as just that – something that needs to be handled.  You see, we create a story about doing these things – it will be hard, I’ll hate doing it, I can’t do it right, people will judge me because I did it wrong, etc.  The author suggested that we either do these things now or put them on our “to do” list and do them at our next opportunity (within the next 24 hours).

So, right then and there I made a decision that these things would be easy.  Then I visualized the end result and felt how good I would feel when these things were completed.  Without hesitation I immediatly started clearing and organizing my desk, doing filing, cleaning up the house and even my garage.  The best part was that I did it all without THINKING!  I was truly in the moment.  There was no “hard” about it.  The previous stories had vanished.  They were just things to do – like brushing your teeth or putting on your clothes.  All of these things were completed in a matter of a few minutes, so it was not a big time commitment at all.  And I felt marvelous afterwards.

So, the next time you feel stuck in the same old situation, ask yourself “How can I see this differently?  Can I look at it from a different angle?  How can this benefit me?  What’s good about now?”  You get the idea.

When you have things that need to be done, make a decision that it will be easy and routine and either do them right now or put them on your “to do” list to be done in the next 24 hours.  Either forget your previous story or creat a new one.  I also align myself with the Divine before starting things I’m not sure I want to do.  I just call in the Divine and intend that it be easy and feel that feeling of ease and grace and completion.  You’ll be so glad you did this and your whole life and world will change!!!

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