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Are you Sabotaging the Law of Attraction? - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Are you Sabotaging the Law of Attraction?

Posted by Pat Thorpe | May 14, 2014 | Blog,Energy Clearing,Freedom,Goals and Dreams,Law of Attraction,Release Fear,Release Stuckness

Have you tried working with the Law of Attraction and feel like you’re doing it right, only to just let it little trickles of abundance, peace, freedom, joy and health? Does it feel like a struggle; like you can’t keep your focus on the positive long enough to attract it into your life? Do you attract some money, only to have a big bill come in the next month due to some unexpected car or house repair bill? If this is true for you, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! And yes, the good news is – THERE IS A SOLUTION!

When I first realized we live in an energetic universe I began studying everything I could to “fix” my life, body and mind. I took lots of classes, spent lots of money, learned a lot of wonderful things, made many new friends and my life definitely improved. But not enough. I still struggled greatly. In the mid 90′s I found Jerry and Esther Hicks teachings in the form of Abraham and Law of Attraction. I was ecstatic. Law of Attraction says that like attracts like and if you just focus on feeling good and on the goals you want to achieve, that you will manifest your dreams with ease.

Well I attracted a great many things, relationships and situations over the next few years but there was still a lot lacking in my life. The money, health and happiness and peace were not steady. The only thing that really was steady and consistent was the underlying fear in the pit of my stomach. Some days the fear and pain was so bad that I felt paralyzed and did nothing. I couldn’t move forward on the things that were important to me. Something was definitely stopping me. The fear was so prevalent that I couldn’t fully focus in the directions of my dreams and goals. What in the heck was wrong with me?

Well, I soon began to realize that the constant negative stories we tell ourselves, along with the traumas and bad experiences we’ve gone through become stored in our bodies as non-moving energy. This energy needs to move!

Using Law of Attraction when you have hurt, anger or fear stuck in your body is like pouring water down a clogged drain. The good in the form of high vibrations just can’t get through! We were meant for all feelings to pass through us just as they are. This gunk that we’ve been subconsciously storing has to GO!

Throughout the next few years I learned to move and clear my energy so I could focus on what I wanted with ease. I’m still learning new techniques as some work better for some people than others. I’ve helped people to simply feel their feelings and clear energy through the Quick Pulse Technique, EFT and many other ways that I keep being led to. I help people to let go and surrender to a peaceful and joyful way of being.

If you’re struggling to get somewhere or release something I hope you’ll let me help you. Whether you’re trying to attract money, success, vibrant health, weight loss or you just want to give up procrastination, fear, worry and anger why not book a session or a series of sessions with me? We’ll work in a gentle and compassionate way. We’ll find what works for you!

I’m dedicated to helping you clear the fear, worry, frustration, anger and feelings of unworthiness from every fiber of your being. You deserve to live a vibrantly healthy, joyful, abundant and peaceful life! After we clear and move the energy, we’ll raise your vibration and I’ll teach you tools to keep yourself clear so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Please contact me at pat@peaceandjoynow.com if you have questions.


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  1. Crystal

    You are so right, Pat!
    Different things work for different people. It’s so great that you are able to assist people move the energy.
    I know I have called on you in moments I needed help moving the energy around difficult situations.
    I’m always glad I did. Thanks for the support and being you!
    Much Love and Many Blessings to you, Pat!

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