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Healing - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now


VIBRATIONAL HEALINGS are ordered in set of three to allow deep healing to take place.

You can also order a single, in-depth one hour healing session with counseling.

They can be ordered for yourself, a relative, a friend or a pet.

Vibrational Healings are given remotely 3 days in a row for deep physical healing. I believe they work on the emotional level as well. As you can see from the testimonial below they healed a friend from a severe stroke that the doctors thought he wouldn’t heal from at all. No one thought he would walk again, talk again or be able to come back home. As of this writing he is completely healed! And he seems more calm and happy, with an attitude of gratitude.

Works on your entire body. When you are ill your body and it’s rhythms become out of sync, creating blocks of Imbalance. Guided from Source and working with the subtle energies rebalances the body so that it can heal on it’s own.

Jodi W. – “Jim had a massive stroke which left him unable to speak – essentially he was in a coma. The doctors told us he would never recover and definitely would never come home again. (After 2 months) – well Friday is a red letter day as Jim will be coming home. He is almost back to his old self and should continue to improve. He can can walk on his own but prefers to use a
walker for now. He can talk and recognizes everyone and everything. We certainly proved those doctors wrong.”

Pet Testimonial from myself. – I petsit for my friends when they go out of town. My friend’s cat, Felix, didn’t like anyone but his owner and never let me or anyone else touch him. As I had to give him medicine this was of great concern to me. So I gave him a healing. For the rest of the time my friend was away, Felix would allow me to walk up to him and reach down and gently massage the medicine into his ear. His owner said “Pat, you a veritable cat whisperer.” 

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