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Freedom Coaching - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Freedom Coaching

You’re feeling stuck, you’re locked in struggle, fear, anxiety, worry and negative mind chatter. You want to
Release emotional and physical pain. You feel like Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.


You wish to experience a life of ease and profound Peace and Joy. You want to manifest your dreams with ease.

Freedom Coaching – Letting in the Peace and Joy you Deserve
All sessions are led from Source Energy, designed to uplift you and raise your vibration so that you can receive your highest good. We will discuss ways you can let go of the old resistance and stories and focus on what you want to feel more of. We will focus on, feel and empower your dreams so that they can manifest with ease. Each session will include a Divine Attunement – a gift from God, letting in high vibrations to shift your Energy through Grace – or you can request a Vibrational Healing for physical assistance.

Cost – $250 for a set of 3 sessions that build on each other.  Each session build on each other and take place 1 – 2 weeks apart, either by phone, Skype or in person.

Freedom Coaching Plus – Clearing and Manifesting with ease
We will use the same processes as above but will these sessions will be 75 minutes and long and will include
a 30 minute Quick Pulse session (see clearing page for more info) for clearing up to 7 items. This is the best deal as it gets what you don’t want out of the way so you can more easily let in and create what you do want.

Cost - $150 for one 75 minute session or $400 for a set of 3 of these sessions that will build on each other.


“Hello, Pat. May all be well with you. Am writing to share with you what I sense is a big breakthrough. Hoping I can make sense in this writing. Today there was a feeling of things moving, which started last night. For these past 13 years there was a sense of something wrong, yet could not find the answer. Others would ask what’s wrong with you and I could never answer. Today I feel the answer has come.

What was wrong with me was that my mind was repeating something is wrong with you – evoking all sorts of crazy responses and actions. It was actually my mind saying that! Yet there was actually nothing wrong with me! A light went off in my brain with that awareness. There is nothing wrong with me – only a story repeating that!!

It feels like a freedom gained. It feels like a big awareness to be celebrated!! With that, those repeating words went poof! There is nothing wrong with me at all! Thank you listening, Pat – feel this is a movement of Grace and am so very thankful! In deep appreciation.” – Caitlin

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