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Attunements - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now


This process allows God’s Grace to flow through you with ease. It attunes you to the higher realms, where there is no struggle, only peace, joy and love. It will begin a transition within you where you will start to let go of the negative and constant mind chatter and you will begin letting go of the struggle of daily life.

Once you’ve receive this, you can tap into this place of love at any time, allowing you to tune into your inner guidance and let go of what’s bothering you.

When nothing else will do or work. When you’re feeling really upset, stuck in the story, struggle or fear and not able to let in God’s Grace. You’re not letting it in!

This attunement will wrap you in a warm blanket of love, allowing you to surrender all that you’re feeling to a Higher Power. It feels luscious, as though everything’s being care of for you. It allows you to let in the higher frequencies of love and support.

These session only take a few minutes and can done over the phone or remotely at an agreed upon time.
Cost – $50.00 per attunement

  • Price: $50.00


“Pat provided a Divine Attunement for me during a time of great stress. After the attunement I felt much more at peace. She closed the session with the encouragement to have fun at an upcoming graduation. Her words and the energy she sent me reminded me to raise my vibration by choosing what feels good. Thank you, Pat!!!” Abigail

“Pat gave me a Divine Attunement late in the evening. Later in bed, I had the sensation that I was floating above the bed, just floating in bliss.” Michelle

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