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Are you working too hard in attracting what you desire? - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Are you working too hard in attracting what you desire?

Posted by Pat Thorpe | August 29, 2013 | Blog

Are you working too hard in attracting what you desire?

I’m a bit a TV watcher and usually avoid the reality shows unless they involve dancing.  But, I decided to watch the show, Harry and Lisa – about the lives of Actors, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna and their 2 daughters.  I was intrigued because they seem to have their lives together and have been married for some time and have 2 nice pre-teen daughters.

The couple is very supportive of each other and here’s how a particular topic turned out.  Harry stopped acting for many years to help in the raising of their girls while Lisa’s career was rising.  He’s been happy with that but they both decided it was time for him to act again.

During the course of several weeks he seemed pretty agitated about finding a job.  He tried out for many parts, had pictures taken and they both thought his job would come from having a part in a new pilot.  They were focusing on it a little too much.  What I really mean by that, is they were really focusing on the “lack” of a job or work.

When they both realized the above, Harry thought about when he was younger.   He said he was offered a lot of roles without thinking about it.  He was just living his life.  He said that he took lots of trips, from scuba diving, to hiking, etc.  He’d go away and come back to receiving 5 offers.

Lisa told him he was right, to put all the job focus on the back burner and just go have fun!  (I couldn’t have given better advice.)

Harry decided to do something that would make him completely forget about what’s not going right in his life (his words, not mine).  So he decided to go sky-diving (for the first time).  It was safely done with another person jumping with him and being attached to him as they floated in space.

Harry said that while doing this he forgot all about everything in his life and that the experience made him feel that “anything is possible”!

What was the result?  On the way home from skydiving, Harry received a call.  He was offered a part on the TV show “Army Wives”.  It would possibly be a recurring part.  And…, he said it was the best deal they’d ever made to a guest star!

So, what does this prove?  Source energy, the Divine, the Universe – whatever you want to call it, knows what you want!  You just have to line up your energy!  Source is just waiting for you to let go of your resistance to having what you want.  Sometimes that means visualizing what you want and finding the feeling place of having it and sometimes it just means letting go and taking your mind off it completely.  Having fun accomplishes 2 things.  It really raises your vibration and it takes your focus on the not having something in your life.

So what are you focusing on too hard to achieve.  What are you working too hard at?  Start by writing down things that would bring you joy and cause you to have total fun?  Maybe it’s something you’ve done before and maybe it’s a completely new thing!  Make it a point to do several of these things a week.   Don’t have time?  It’s amazing what gets completed when we’re not worrying over it.  If it feels good and doesn’t hurt yourself or others, go for it!  What are you waiting for?

Speaking of what are you waiting for.  Are you still waiting for enlightenment?  Are you still constantly working on yourself, taking classes and seeking?  Are you still “trying” to make it happen.  If you haven’t already, click on the book above – Things are Going Great in my Absence or click here www.divineopenings.com/special.  This book opens you to Divine Openings, which make everything easier.  It will enlighten you, delight you and bring you endless bliss.  Plus, it’s a great how to guide in manifesting all of your dreams!

Many blessings to you all!


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