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Are You Flying Free and Unobstructed, or Are Your Wings Clipped? - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

Are You Flying Free and Unobstructed, or Are Your Wings Clipped?

Posted by Pat Thorpe | September 20, 2013 | Blog,Freedom,Relationships

Are You Flying Free and Unobstructed, or Are Your Wings Clipped?

Recently I was having a conversation with my brother about a recent relationship of his and he said that he wasn’t able to fly straight and felt like his wings were clipped in this relationship.   I thought that was a very appropriate title for what most of us are going through in many areas of our lives.

My brother had been in an off -and-on relationship with a woman for a long time.  When he was in the relationship, neither party was happy and his money-making ability seemed to dry up.  When he was out of the relationship, he could attract money but he missed the woman and the “relationship”.

After having several talks with me and us doing some “clearing” work together he realized he could be happy NOW, without having to be in the relationship that brought both parties down.  He has let go of the need to be in that particular relationship or ANY relationship at all!  That is just HUGE for my brother.  I am just thrilled for him!

As a contractor in the building and remodel business, he is appreciating every day and making more money than he has in a long time!  Every time we talk, he tells me about his wonderful clients.  Some of them take a long time to make a final decision but he has learned to let go of the outcome and just appreciate them for who they are.  Now, every conversation we have is positive and I can tell he is appreciating his life, his clients and his business.  And the results are clearly showing!  This from a man who has been struggling for many years to develop a happy life and solid worklife and income.  I am so pleased!

So, how can you learn from this and move forward and fly freely with the Angels?  First, I think we have to let go of what isn’t working, be it a relationship, a job or an old habit that’s not serving us or just resistant, non-moving blocks of energy.  We can often focus on the positive things around us all we want, but sometimes there are blocks within our being that have to be released!  It’s similar to a surgeon removing a tumor so we can be healthy.  We just need to let go of it to move on joyfully and peacefully.

So let go of what’s not working, and love and appreciate what is working!  And if you keep having the same fears, negative emotion, self-judgment and self-sabotage come up, then there’s one or more energy blocks that need to move and be released.  I can show you how to be free of this energy that is holding you back from being your Divine, abundant and joyful self.  You can book a clearing session with me or Freedom Coaching Sessions which not only clear negative emotion, but aligns you with the Peaceful, Happy Being you were meant to be.  Let’s manifest your dreams together with ease!







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