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Testimonials - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now


“Pat, you’ve helped me create a miracle today.” A call came from active client on a Sunday afternoon. She was in a panic because she was supposed to move from Canada to Los Angeles the following day. When she called her prospective landlord just to confirm when she would be arriving, she was told that they’d already rented her place to someone else.

When she called we both dove into the Presence and I helped her to feel and accept things exactly as they were. She did and breathed into that space. After a few seconds she said she had to go and would call me back.

When she called back, she said the above quote to me. She’d had to leave the phone conversation because simply out of the blue (haha) a woman called from California with whom she’d had no previous contact. This woman said she had an apartment for her and would take her sight and reference unseen.

When I got her to the place that she could BE THE PRESENCE is exactly when the call came in to her. Here’s what she wrote to me shortly thereafter:

“A beautiful event has happened. I now have a wonderful room-mate and beautiful apartment as home in Los Angeles. This apartment is SOOOOOO much better than the one which fell through and for the same price, in a great part of LA. It’s just 10 minutes from where I used to live and is right next to AGAPE, which is Michael Beckwith’s church which I am going to start going to.

The turnaround point was our session together when I was enveloped by The Presence and the telephone rang. That I will never forget!!!!!!! Diann

“Thanks, Pat. Ahhhh, how nice to feel!!! I feel like so much intense emotion is flowing and I don’t even really know what it’s all about . . . moving with ease. I feel like a different person since we last spoke . . . oh, boy!!! I am just enjoying this ride and the sweetness of the experience. Yes, loads of stuff moving that feel like it has been really heavy, BUT with ease. Have been having many moments of bliss, ecstacy and joy . . . it’s feeling like richness in every moment . . . just like a bit of something to die for.” Adrienne

A friend a fellow spiritual journeyer called one morning saying she was upset because she wasn’t being recognized for her talents and wasn’t receiving the # of clients she desired. I asked if she wanted to clear these issues, using the Quick Pulse Technique. She said yes. We only cleared 2 items and then I had to go meet with my sprinkler repairman.
I called this woman back about 3 hours later and here’s what she had to report. “Oh, Pat, I feel so much better. A former client called just to talk, saying she didn’t want a session. After we talked for a few minutes, she said she knew she needed a session with me and booked it immediately and would send a check to me today.”

A couple of days later, this friend wrote the most wonderful blog. Her energy and that of the blog felt higher than it had ever been. I was so happy for her. This is what can happen when you clear what’s in the way!

“I was having trouble with too much going on in my life and too much stress. My father was contacting me often (from jail) where he was asking me to handle way too many things and things I felt uncomfortable with. I called Pat for help and she gave me some coaching and a Divine Attunement. Well, about 2 days later my father was unable to contact me by phone and vice-versa. I called the jail and no one could figure it out. This lasted several weeks. I think the Divine Attunement changed my vibration so I could relax and get on with life without all the stress of dealing with my dysfunctional father. My father and I are back in touch now but I feel that I have my power back and I’m better able to deal with him from this higher place.” Michelle

A woman I had already had one session with kept talking about her boyfriend and the fear and unease she felt about him. She didn’t really complain but I could feel her fear and was afraid that he was emotionally abusing her and possibly more.

During our 2nd session I asked her how long she was going to put up with an abusive relationship. She seemed somewhat surprised, but brushed it off and said she was responsible for it. We did more clearing work in that session and even though she wrote me about what happened next, I think I can write about it more succinctly here.

After our 2nd session, C came down with a bad toothache, late in the evening. She knew she needed medical attention and since she didn’t drive she asked her boyfriend to take her to an emergency center. He blew her off and ignored her. After asking him again and him saying no and that she was making it all up, she told him she would walk the distance in the cold to get the help that she needed.

His response was “I hope someone kills you.” That took her aback and she asked him what he said and he repeated those same words again. Well, in that moment the lightbulb came on and she got the message loud and clear. She picked up the phone and called 911 and had him removed.

She grieved a lot about this, since she felt that they had really loved each other once. She stuck to her guns, not letting him back in. They have since become friends and he has decided to move on. I totally believe that the Universe/Higher Realms orchestrated this whole toothache thing so that she could see his true colors and allow her as well as him to move on to better things. Once your vibration rises, you can no longer tolerate what isn’t working in your life.

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