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About Pat - Peace and Joy Now | Peace and Joy Now

About Pat

There are 2 major things you should know about me. One is that I’ve always been a “God” person and the other is that I’ve always enjoyed helping and teaching others and have always felt that is my main calling.

As I child, I grew up going to church about 3 times a week. it wasn’t a chore, I actually liked it.
I loved the teachings that said God loved you no matter what. I also really resonated to the song we sang that went “I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart”‘.

As I got older I started hearing that I was supposed “fear God” and there seemed to be a lot of focus on feeling guilty, as if that was a good thing. Well, I knew in my heart that those things weren’t true as they totally went against my favorite bible verse that said “God is love”. If God was love, what was there to fear and why should you feel bad about yourself?

As a teenager and throughout my adult life, I had a lot of struggles. I suffered from terrible depression, almost debilitating fear and anxiety, low self-esteem, physical pain and a very active and negative mind that never seemed to shut up.

After going through a painful divorce in a1993 I started the “seeking path” looking for ways to heal myself on all levels. I studied many things and learned and became certified in many healing and clearing modalities. The healing ways helped me and others but the clearing techniques did not.

In the mid 90′s I discovered the teachings of Abraham, taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It was a life saver as it taught me Law of Attraction and how the world actually worked. It’s simple message is that what you focus on expands and that feeling good really raises your vibration. It also talked about one’s connection to Source/God energy and how important that is.

While I had never abandoned God and those earlier teachings, I wasn’t feeling the peaceful, Divine energy that I knew existed somewhere in the Universe. I felt it at times, but not on a consistent basis. That’s when I discovered Divine downloads, around 2005. These are what I now call Divine Attunements. It feels luscious to receive them and I can tap into that energy at will. Sometimes just going into the silence while in this energy can and does create miracles in my life. I’ve seen many people change their lives by just receiving these alone.

Then there are the rest of us, that block some of that Divine energy subconsciously. It’s old stagnant energy that seems to have taken up residence in our bodies and minds and keeps us from being in the flow of life and Divine Presence. We’re not easily attracting what we desire because our system is clogged up, not allowing total flow. I was taught to feel my feelings and spent countless hours doing so in an attempt to accept and release them. I think things actually became worse because of my constant focus in a negative direction. Many of my clients had the same troubles and I knew it was time for a change to help us all.

I asked God for a solution and was led to the Quick Pulse Technique and YES, it worked for me!!! I then became certified to assist others in clearing negative beliefs and in changing the things in their life that they would like to be different. For me, it cleared loads of fear, freed up the pain and tension in my body, increased my finances and helped eliminate procrastination. It continues to create miracles in my life and has made everything much easier. It even totally eliminated a several year long problem I had with woodpeckers and other birds attacking and creating holes in my house. After the 1st clearing the birds never returned!

My site is dedicated to helping as many people possible clear their negative beliefs and issues, raise their vibration, heal their bodies, and learn to focus their minds and energies so that they can manifest the life of their dreams, a live that they will truly love!

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