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10 Ways to Raise your Manifesting Vibration | Peace and Joy Now

10 Ways to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration

Posted by Pat Thorpe | May 28, 2015 | Blog,Manifesting

10 Ways to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration

Here are 10 easy ways to raise your vibration so that you can be a match to your dreams and be a manifesting magnet and you will be able to convert youtube videos to mp3 with ease . The good news is that most of these take 5 minutes or less to do.

1. Merge with or call in your higher being (Source energy, God, Higher Self, etc.) Just intend that this presence enfold you in it’s arms and surround you with peace and love. This is really good to do first thing in the morning and last thing at night while in bed.

2. Visualize what you desire from a happy and relaxed state. Relax your body and your mind and think of something you are truly grateful for. Then see yourself through your own eyes as having accomplished what you want. See it as though it’s happening to you right now, not on a screen in front of you. What sounds do you hear? Who is hugging you, congratulating you, shaking your hand or high-fiving you? What are they saying? How does this feel?

3. Live from the state of the wish fulfilled, as Neville Goddard would say. Feel as though it’s a done deal! Feel the confidence, the relief, the security, joy and gratitude from having what you want. Live from this new identity of having and being what you desire. Be it all day, every day.

4. Play more! Have fun! Have you ever noticed that after you’ve done a manifesting technique, that if you forget about what you were working on and just go out and do something fun that when you return that something magical has happened? So find at least 3 things to do each day that feel really good!

5. Meditate on your breath for 5 minutes or more. Just breathe and watch your thoughts float by without becoming attached to them. You can also breathe through and focus on your heart space, as that keeps you out of your monkey mind.

6. If weather permits, take a walk in nature. Feel your feet on the ground. Really listen and hear the sounds around you. Notice the beauty. Feel the air on your skin. This will ground you and connect you with the presence in all things.

7. Gratitude. Keep a gratitude notebook; a small one that you can keep with you is great. Fill it up as you go or at the beginning and end of each day. The more you focus on the good, the more good you’ll receive.

8. Mindfulness. Do at least 1 activity each day in a mindful state, without thinking. It could be while doing dishes, taking a shower, or just walking from one activity to the next. Just feel the sensations!

9. Connect with someone you love or someone who loves you. It could be someone who lives with you, a friend, a relative or even a pet. It could even be an imaginary someone in a visualization. Be fully present with that being. Listen to them or just be with them. If in person, really make full eye contact.

10. Spend time in appreciation. Take 5 minutes and appreciate something wonderful in your present, past or future (as though it’s already happened). You could appreciate a big monetary gain from the past, or the time you spent with a pet or anything that makes you feel good when you think about it.

Please give these things a try. Each one should make you feel good, which is what you’re looking for. You could do several of them daily. Seriously, they don’t take that long. All of these steps activate the Law of Attraction in a positive way. When you’re happy, in gratitude, feeling love and appreciation you are raising your vibration and you can’t help but magnetize and manifest good things in your life. Give your monkey mind a rest and be present and happy to receive all the good that you desire.


If you’ve been using law of attraction tools for some time and your life is not working the way you want it to, you may need coaching and energy work. One sign of this is knowing what you “should” do and you can’t get yourself to do it. I offer energy processes that can release the blocks that are keeping you stuck and other processes that raise your vibration to a whole new level. Please check out my offerings and let’s create some miracles! If you have questions about what might be right for you, please contact me at at pat@peaceandjoynow.com. Thanks for reading and may you have a blessed life!

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  1. Crystal

    I love your suggestions, Pat!
    Practical and easy to do. So much wisdom here. Thank you for sharing.
    Much Love,

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